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AVG Secure VPN 1.11

Safeguards your privacy and gives you access to geo-restricted sites
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AVG Secure VPN is intended to safeguard your privacy and give you access to geo-restricted sites when you are browsing the Internet. This is done by creating a virtual private network (VPN), which means that any data traffic between your device and the other machines in a network is encrypted and your real location is hidden to others. Such service comes in particularly handy when you are connecting through a public hotspot.

The program’s interface is quite easy to use. There is not much to do to start a VPN: choose a virtual location and click on the Connect button. What is more, there is even an option that turns the service on automatically whenever you connect through a public network. As you will notice, they have servers located in multiple countries. Unfortunately, the number of servers may be insufficient to prevent others from blacklisting their IPs.

It is good that AVG Secure VPN has about 50 servers dedicated to streaming contents. This way, you can retrieve video from some streaming services that may be restricted to a particular geographical area. It is also significant that it supports point-to-point connections, such as those required to share torrent files.

The service uses a strong encryption algorithm (specifically openVPN protocol with AES-256bit encryption), which is enough to make the transmitted data undecipherable to third parties. Yet, it does not provide any other security features, such as a kill switch and DNS leak protection. Moreover, the service provider is very likely to gather connection data, including time stamps and real IP address.

It is quite paradoxical that a service provided by one of the big antivirus developers does not offer any type of protection against unwanted software, such as malware and adware; but this becomes more understandable considering that they still would like to continue selling their flagship products.

All in all, AVG Secure VPN can let you navigate the web anonymously and access sites that are blocked based on your geographical location, without significantly affecting your connection speed. Yet, it does not offer much more than that. So, if you are expecting more, it would be a good idea to continue looking as it is quite likely that you find better offers out there. However, I will not discourage you from giving a try, which is possible for 30 days at no cost.

Pedro Castro
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  • Provides basic wifi protection
  • Accesses protected streaming contents
  • Works on five devices simultaneously
  • Servers on multiple countries


  • Probably keeps connection logs
  • Does not provide anti-virus protection
  • Easily blacklisted
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